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(Max Kinkel Hosting The 1974 Jerry Lewis Telethon In Detroit)

They all said it couldn't be done.  But Super Max just wouldn't take no for an answer. 
He insisted it can be done, and he did just that!  Max Kinkel hosted Detroit's 1974
Jerry Lewis Telethon on Channel 50 for Muscular Dystrophy and after 20 continuous
hours on the air, broke the telethon's all time record for donations when the
amount exceeded over One Million Dollars!

In fact, because telethon officials thought a million dollars could never be achieved,
the donation score board was originally designed without provisions for reaching
the one million dollar mark.  When Max exceeded that amount, a large black line
representing the number "1" was broad stroked with black paint just left of the
numbers to represent one million (see the yellow circled area in photo).  It was a
great day for both Max and little Amy, as well as all of Jerry's kids!  The record
breaking telethon results made Billboard Magazine.

(Source: Billboard Magazine December 7, 1974

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Billboard's 1975 Nomination for "Air Personality Of The Year" award goes to Super Max!

 With an incredible 7.2 share, SuperMax wins CKLW's 1975 fall book ratings for 9-12
midnight.  Program Director Les Garland congratulates Max Kinkel for winning the
thousand dollar bonus... again!  Max would go on to win 10 more bonuses!

Guess who's behind the glass?  It's the one and only

(Photo Courtesy Of Tim Bradly)

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