A Tribute to Max Kinkel At The Museum Of Television & Radio In New York City

On September 10th 2004, a 4 hour tribute was paid to legendary radio personality Max Kinkel
at the Museum Of Television And Radio in Manhattan. The initial 2 hours spotlighted Max's
entire music broadcasting career, spanning from The Big 8, CKLW in Detroit, to becoming the
highest rated overnight air personality in New York Radio history (a dazzling record while Max
worked at CBS FM, a record which today remains unbroken).

The second half of the tribute focused on Max's talk radio career. From WEVD 1050 to 540 WLIE,
Max covered a wide variety of hot talk radio topics. Max went right to the source to obtain
the inside track concerning 911, with a strong emphasis on geopolitical matters,
as well as covering compelling homeland security issues.  

Max's guests at the ceremony were radio superstars Dan Ingram and Joe Franklin, along with
telephone highlights from FOX TV's Alan Colmes and CKLW's Bob Savage. Enjoy the photos!

Max Kinkel receives a warm greeting from legendary
radio personality Dan Ingram.

Radio Super Stars The Max Man and Big Dan Ingram

Max Kinkel, Dan Ingram with Producer Al Ferrari and audio engineer Robert Carle on the phone with Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes
(Above photo courtesy of FOX News)

Max, Dan and Alan Phone In

Dan Ingram & Max Kinkel with legendary Radio & TV personality Joe Franklin.

Dan and Max talking with Joe about his brand new book: Joe Franklin's 
Great Entertainment Trivia Game (Square One Publishers).

Dan Ingram, Max Kinkel and Joe Franklin...
(everyone having a super time talking to the audience)

My thanks especially goes out to:

Ken Beck - MT&R Curator
Tony DeNicola
- WODI Radio
Al Ferrari
- VP SuperMaxRadio.com
Robert W. Carle - Engineer
Bob O'Brien
- Public Relations
Diana Lynn - Web Master
Rick Hollwedel - Photographer

Plus, a very special personal thanks to my dear friends who made
a very special day for me, filled with wonderful memories for a lifetime.
I personally thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Dan Ingram - America's Greatest Radio Personality
Joe Franklin - America's Longest-Running TV Talk Show Host
Alan Colmes - FOX Television News Talk Show Host


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