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The United States Government gets its information from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
This intelligence is then passed along to a second U.S. government bureau called
 The National Security Agency (NSA).  Its sole purpose is to intercept and monitor
foreign communications, to prevent terrorist attacks and invasions on our home soil.

However, on September 11th, 2001, the NSA was nowhere to be found.

Where was the NSA prior to and on 9/11?  If it was vigilant,
how could a terrorist attack in the U.S. happen in the first place? 

Only ONE Radio Talk Show Host dared to ask the above questions... and more!
Check out Max Kinkel, on Island Talk 540 WLIE.

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Geopolitical Host Max Kinkel
On Island Talk 540 WLIE
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Max interviews Dr. Christopher Preble,
Director Of Foreign Policy from the
world renown CATO Institute
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